SNDT University started its Department of Special Education (DSE) in 1977 to produce trained professionals in this field. It was the first of its kind to offer Special Education Training at the degree level to women graduates to teach and manage children with various exceptionalities.  Aim of this department was to give children with disabilities the right opportunity, adequate resources, and trained professionals to reach their optimum potential. Gradually the department started with different short-term projects to develop professionals further for inclusive education. In this process of teaching and learning, the need was felt to see the practical implication of taught skills to professionals and further improvise (only if needed) on taught skills to produce better results and inclusion of children with disabilities in the mainstream. Here “Arushi – The Learning Center for Children with Special Needs” was born.

Department of Special Education runs two Experimental units:

  1. Arushi- The Learning Centre for Children with Special Needs.
    The experimental school started in the late 80s to transfer the theory into practicum for trainees of DSE.

  2. CARE Unit: Compensatory and Remedial Education Unit
     In the recent past, when inclusion became an area of focus, DSE also started with a program called “Compensatory and Remedial Education (CARE)”. 

Both these programs were one of its kind, and currently running with the same interest with improvisation taking place with updating and new research taking place in this area.

The mission of the Department of Special Education (DSE) is Nurturing, Enabling & Empowering People with Disabilities.

The mission of the Arushi and CARE is to develop the potential of all the children. Discover and nurture each child’s strengths and prepare them for life.

  1. Arushi- The Learning Centre

Arushi is a self-supporting experimental unit of the DSE for children with special needs. Its primary goal is to help children with special needs that cannot be met by the competitive existing mainstream education system. A team of qualified, experienced teachers and a warm, non-threatening environment enables our learners to grow optimally in all areas of development.

Age Group: 5- 20 years.

We cater to children with a diagnosis of:

  • Intellectual Disability
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Learning difficulties


The learners are grouped into Early Childhood Intervention, Preparatory, Intermediate & Pre-Vocational classes.

Areas of Instruction:

2. CARE- Compensatory and Remedial Education

CARE aspires to teach children who have opted out of the mainstream education system due to various reasons and need individualized support in their learning.

The methods used to teach are highly individualized, student friendly and creative.

Age group: 7- 22 years

Who we cater to:

Children who have opted out of mainstream schools

Children with a diagnosis of:

  • Learning Disability (LD)
  • Slow Learning capacities (SL)
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Behavioral / Emotional challenges
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Services Available:

  • Preparing children for:
  • Open Basic Education / Pratham Level A, B, C
  • Pre- NIOS
  • NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling equivalent to class X)
  • SSC
  • Remedial Intervention
  • Pre-Vocational & Life Skills Training.

Areas of Instruction:

1. Academics:

2. Non-Academics:

Art and craft, Computers, Sports, Music and movement, Cooking, Yoga,
+ additional subjects are taught as per students’ choice.

3. Remedial Intervention:

Remedial Intervention is integrated in the existing curriculum to help students acquire and enhance the skills required for effective learning

Remedial intervention is provided to students with difficulties in learning and academics attending other mainstream/special schools throughout the day

Areas of remediation Include:

  • Study Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Thinking Skills
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Reading and comprehension skills

Other facilities and services available for both the units:

In the warm and stimulating environment of our center, our children grow naturally and joyfully. Our team of qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers and parent work hand in hand to enable our youngsters to develop into healthy and responsible adults.